Captain I Am Eryka

It’s a play on words.  The title.  Wow, okay, first blog post- what do people usually write?  Here’s a little bit about me (apart from the stuff in the ‘About’ tab): I work two jobs and that means that most days I am working for 12 or more hours in a go.  That means that the rest of the time I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, cuddling my beloved cats and rabbits (two of each!), or frantically trying to fit life into the remaining hours of freedom.  Travel is a big part of life, especially since I am in my mid-20’s, a renter, and relatively unattached.  The perfect time to travel!  Now how to find the time and money…?

I hail from Wisconsin, that quiet state nestled between the two largest of the Great Lakes.  My “office” is the local coffee shop a block away and my goal is to set foot on each continent.  Join me for the tales written on the road and in between times.



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