Backpacks Vs. Purses


imageDo you ever look back at your awesome travel photos and see…you with a crossbody bag making an awkward wrinkly mess? Or maybe what should have been a carefully calculated travel-chic look ruined by the one and only purse you brought? Or how about when you bought a few items that would NOT fit into your little bag, so you spent the whole day lugging them around? There IS a solution: the backpack.
I am not a purse person. I don’t care to invest vast sums of my precious and hard earned cash into them and I never remember to keep an eye of for the latest in stylish bags anyway. When I was eighteen and getting ready to move out of my hometown to go off to college my mother bought me a backpack from a tried and true company out of Northern Minnesota. Since that day I have taken that backpack on every vacation, weekend excursion, camping trip, and overnight event I have gone on. That dusty, faded, travel worn back has been to Africa, Asia, and Europe. My pack and I scaled Kgale Hill in Botswana with it, and lugged my laptop and books from class to class over four and half years. There is a bite mark in one of the leather zipper pulls from a friend’s rabbit, and one zipper pull that I lost in the middle of an intersection on Castro St in San Francisco.
This backpack is marvelous…but also a little bulky. I admit that I have smacked more than one innocent bystander on an airplane or train when I turned around. I knew that I needed something small for day trips. A pack for my pack, if you will. A purse simply would not do! After a few months of product research I found a Scandinavian country that not only makes eco-friendly and hardy backpacks in several handy sizes, they also HELP SAVE ARCTIC FOXES. Obviously this was the investment for me.
I urge you, my fellow traveling friends, to give up your awkward purses and turn to an item that sits comfortably between your shoulders, look chic out in the woods or hitting the pavement of your favorite city, and which will hold your books/tablets/phones/latest purchases. I have switched over the contents of my life to backpacks and I have not looked back.

Want to learn more about my packs?  Find them  HERE and HERE.


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