Necessary Literature

I love to read and I love to write.  I can’t abide those e-books (because hello, the joy of holding your favorite book whose pages are all soft, or that brand new book with that new book smell!) so I generally devote a good portion of my baggage to books and journals.  I don’t like checking bags- it costs extra money and I’m always afraid that my luggage will be lost- so that means everything I need goes into my two carry on backpacks.  I need to be selective about what I bring to say the least.  If you’re someone who loves to write either their own blog posts or just their own account of their travels you might enjoy grabbing a copy of 642 Things To Write About from the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.  You can get a new copy on Amazon for about $8.00. This book seriously helps with writer’s block, not to mention giving you an opportunity to write great things to look back on after the trip. My copy is the tiny version, which I picked up last summer on a trip to San Francisco.

I have a travel journal that I began back in 2009.  It was a gift from a relative; sturdy, black, a good size.  Now it’s encrusted with stickers from my travels and full of off little bookmarks and dried plants.  I bring that journal absolutely everywhere, even if I don’t end up writing in it as faithfully as I want to.

If the first journal wasn’t enough and the writing prompt book, I also have my regular journal.  I’m not the girl who writes in it every day, or brings it on every trip, but it’s just such a beautiful journal I like to have it along when I have the luxury of space.

Finally, I need at least one good book to read.  I usually finish it at some point, which gives me an excellent excuse to buy another one somewhere along the way!


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