How To [Not] Contain Your Excitement For Your Next Trip

Your trip is approaching.  It feels like you have been waiting forever.  Time has slooooweedd waaaayyy down.  Or maybe you just got an alert that airline tickets to your dream destination plummeted and you jumped right on that and voila!  Trip booked.  Either way, you probably have lots of excitement/energy/travel ideas just busting out of your very pores and you need to do something about it!  Here are some ways to [not] contain your excitement:

1)Read a book set in your destination. Not a travel guide or backpacker’s guide, an actual novel set there.  As the characters experience the city/landscape, so can you.  Plus, now you can go to those same places and geek out about it!

2)Do read a travel guide or backpacker’s guide.  Even if you have been there before, you didn’t see everything.  If nothing else, you can sit in your favorite coffee shop and subtly let everyone know where you are going.

3)Plan ahead.  What will you need?  Cold weather; how’s your comfy sweater collection?  Damp; got waterproof boots?  Hot and sunny; invest in quality sunscreen.  Laying out what you want to take is not only practical, it’s actually a fun way to get into the groove of you where you are headed!

4) Write about it.  Do you have a travel journal?  If not, get one.  If you do, jot down some thoughts on what you hope to see or do.  It doesn’t matter if you actually make a solid plan for this to happen, but when you get where you are going you might look it over and think, ‘Oh yeah, I did want to do that!’  It’s also fun to look back after your trip.

5)Fire up the ole’ internet machine and read about what other travelers say about your destination.  If you are reading this blog then you must know there are a wealth of travel blogs out there and there is bound to be some good info from fellow travelers that can help advise you on health, safety, what to skip and what not to skip, and probably anything else you wanderlusting heart desires.  Check them out!  You can really go down the rabbit hole that is Instagram if you type in #yourdestination.  Yeeeaahhh, be sure to set aside plenty of time for that one.

6)Share your itinerary with a loved one so that a: someone knows where you are in case you get into trouble, and b:you can talk about how excited you are!
Okay, since my trips to MN and CA are fast approaching I am going to go do all these things- BYE.


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