Things About That Trip to Duluth, MN

I am sitting here, in my “office”, which is actually the neighborhood coffee shop, and I am trying to put together my post about my trip up to Duluth.  We returned on Sunday from a flash-in-the-pan trip up the city and I’ve been chewing on what to write ever since.  I must say that being caffeinated certainly helps with my writer’s block.

Since I’ve been to Duluth many many times it’s not exactly unexplored territory.  Still, I have sights I like to hit, shops to browse, and restaurants to sample.  On this particular trip my cousin let me know about an old church that had been converted into a book and antiques store.  “The prices are dirt cheap,” she said.  Sign me up, I’ve found Valhalla.  I also love to get a sandwich at a local smoked fish shop.  The flavors are unbeatable and I always spend the rest of the year dreaming about that sandwich…  Then of course, there’s my favorite little coffee shop on the north shore, The Mocha Moose.  I began a tradition two summers ago of purchasing whatever mug my coffee drink came in.  The heavy ceramic mugs are made by a pottery artist just down the road!  Finally, there’s the lake itself.  You can’t beat those views of Lake Superior, greatest of the Great Lakes.  Yes, these are some of my perennial favorites of this northern city (there are plenty more, I just don’t have the patience to list them all).

What am I getting at?  I’m not writing a travel brochure for Duluth here.  I had a big list of plans and then life intervened.  I spent most of the trip seeing family members I don’t often see.  Some of whom I can count on one hand the number of times I have met!  It was fabulous getting everyone tether.  Talk about great conversation.  Oh the shenanigans!  On Day 3 my dad had a small health crises.  This certainly changed the trip.  It became a lot less important to see the sights and eat the foods.  We instead enjoyed even more so my cousin’s wedding, a late night of dancing and talking, and a sunrise trip up to Enger Tower.  If you ever want to bond with a relative, wake up before dawn and freeze your butt and your hands off taking photos of the sunrise over Lake Superior.  Then the long drive home, which I mostly slept through.

My itinerary at the start of the trip certainly looked different than the one at the end, but it still ended up being one of those trips we’ll all talk about for years.  Everyone is pretty busy these days (us “kids” all have jobs and hectic lives) so it’s a rare event to gather in one locale for a few days.  I’m so grateful that we did and that it didn’t turn out like one of those terrible movies that chronicles relatives seeking revenge.  Shenanigans, yes, revenge no.

This long winded post brought to you by a cappuccino and a nice table by the window.


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