The Things That Make Home Home

This post could run on for ages, but I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Everyone has specific things that make home, well, home.  Even if you’re always on the move, I’ll bet you have some things or some rituals that keep you grounded and comforted no matter what you geographical location.

For me, I gotta have my pets.  Two cats (Rigamarole and Stormy Llewellyn) and two rabbits (Porthos and Cosette) share my apartment right now.  Oh, and my betta fish, Merman.  Without them, it’s not home.

Stealing an idea from one of my favorite novels, some people have the gnack of objects meaning that they decorate- nay encrust- their spaces with objects.  I have photos, painting, prints, string lights, camera, tapestries, clothes…you name it, I got it on my walls.  Available surfaces are piled with books and movies.  Scarves and jewelry are draped across my dresser and bathroom shelves.  Cats lay on most things.  I delight in ordered clutter and love looking at my favorite things.

Home is where you can cast off your leg prisons (pants) and let your freak flag fly.  This means yoga pants and old t-shirts, ammirite?  Between wearing scrubs to work and dresses/skirts in my free time, I simply do not have the patience for pants.

Foooooooood.  Enough said.

What makes home home for you?


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