My First Day in Frisco 

I was trapped in Las Vegas for several hours, which is several hours too long in my opinion. I have never seen an airport so devoted to it’s “theme”, which in this case was, duh, casinos and gambling. There were brightly lit slot machines covered in neon lights all over that place.
When we did finally get in the air it was one of those flights that always surprises you as to how short it is. It almost makes you think, “Damn maybe I should have driven instead”. The struggle was not over, though, as there was some kind of airplane traffic jam and our poor plane had nowhere to go. We just waited on the runway for a while until something opened up.
Now finally FINALLY I have hot coffee and the beach in front of me. It’s breezy and cloudy of course, but not actually that chilly. The cappuccino is delicious (at Beachside on Judah) and now it needs some food on the side. It’s hard to decide whether to strike out in search of food or let it go hang and just head for the beach.  
So I chose the beach. It was the right decision! Oddly for me I did not really feel all that hungry despite the fact that I had hardly eaten. The beach was windy and the sky was cloudy, and the air was quite damp. I rolled up my footless tights so that I could walk around in the surf. I brought the camera and took dozens of photos. I Facetimed with Steve & co. Ian had a very useful tip for shark safety: If a shark comes near you, hit it on the nose.

After the beach I gravitated towards the giant windmill that marks the edge of Golden Gate Park. I would have loved to have camped out there to do a little writing, but it was quite the popular spot. I moved on, only to find that everywhere in the park was quite the popular spot. Eventually I found a tree nook to wedge myself into while I did a little research on dinner options. I ended up trekking over to the fruit market that my AirBnB host recommended. I out strawberries, California green grapes, spicy pita chips, and some CA Pinot noir.
*Special Side Note* I can hear the waves crashing against the beach from inside the house, even through the closed window.  
Back at the house I met the couple who are staying here tonight. Sonja is studying and working in San Antonio, and is originally from Mexico. A few months ago she spent some time in France and met her current boyfriend in Paris. They are on a whirlwind road trip around the Southwest and California while he is visiting. We left the house with the intent to grab a slice of pizza and a beer, and then I led us in totally the WRPNG direction, so we ended up eating some Thai food and grabbing a six pack to take back. Unfortunately as I write this, drinking my Anchor Brewing IPA Sonja is being violently sick.  
*Hopefully* tomorrow morning everyone is well and rested and we can get up to enjoy the dawn on the beach!


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