Day Three in San Francisco

So much has happened that I am struggling to remember it all!  If I don’t get it written down it could be lost forever!  So here’s what happened:

The day started off with me forcing myself to sleep in.  As much as getting up at dawn to go down to the beach is appealing, I knew I needed to take care of myself and catch up on some sleep.  So at amuch more reasonable hour of 9:00 I got up and headed out for coffee and an almond croissant from Java Beach cafe.  I took my goodies to the beach and made temporary camp in the sand dune.  I attracted the attention of several ravens who tried to play it cool, pretending to dig up rocks and such, but who were obviously failing.

After the beach I hopped on the N train and headed into the City.  I got off at Green Apple Books, my favorite (yes, more than City Lights) bookshop in SF.  I wandered around those packed shelves for quite a while, trying to make my selections.  That is the TRUE test of budgeting, in my opinion.  I ended up with a book about the lost tales of the Odyssey- you know, the ones that didn’t make it into the modern written translation.

Then it was time to meet up with a friend in town the for the wedding.  Casey wanted to hit up Amoeba records in the Haight, so one bus ride later I got off there.  Casey either struggled with time or with public transport, because I found myself with time to kill.  I walked up Haight St a little ways and found a nice quiet cafe called Stanza Coffee and got myself an herbal tea.  I had time to read until Casey arrived, so I was quite happy.  Casey hadn’t ever explored the Haight, so when he got to the cafe I finished up the tea and we headed out to see what we could see.  The Haight is not my favorite neighborhood, but neither is it my least favorite.  It’s an interesting place to people watch, to be sure, and after reading Alysia Abbott’s memoir, Fairyland, I have even more respect for the people and movements that have called it home.

Amoeba records is huge and Casey had way more interest in browsing than I did, so not unlike a parent entertaining a 3 year old, Casey devised a game to keep me busy.  He picked a random word, like wood, and told me to go to the electronics section and find a record that explemplified that word.  Let me tell you, this is QUITE the engaging game and I highly recommend it.  After Amoeba we had still had time before Casey had to collect his girlfriend from the BART station, so we got a portable lunch from Whole Foods and headed into next-door Golden Gate Park.  Shenanigans ensued, including finding secret paths, “decorating” an abandoned racket ball court, and find weird tunnels.  Then it was time to part ways.

Some other friends wanted to meet in Mission Delores Park, so made my way there…or thought I did.  I got on the wrong train.  When I realized this and disembarked, the correct train was delayed and went out of service.  I got on a different train and got off at my best approximation of the right stop.  Then I was lost and my phone was just about dead, so GPS was no help.  I called Chris, the Resident San Franciscan, and he helpfully pointed me in the right direction.  After a short walk I found the park and some friends.  We spent several rather chilly hours people watching there.  Chris found us eventually, and we decided to get some drinks and some dinner (yay!)

Busy day at Mission Delores

Drinks were at a pinball bar (with a sticker from a bar in Milwaukee, no less).  I allowed Chris to chose my beer, another fun game, and he ended up unknowingly picking my favorite; a kolsch.  Dinner was across the street at a Pakastani restaurant where I enjoyed a fantastic veggie korma.  The leftovers are in the fridge at my AirBnB and I am already daydreaming about them…

After dinner we went to a friend of a friend’s place and hung out until I was basically asleep on the couch.  We watched some crazy music videos and discussed each other’s lives.  Around 1:00 am it was decided that we should go.  Public transport seemed waaaayyy to ambitious at that point, so therein followed the struggled of Getting An Uber For TheFirst Time.  It was absolutely freezing at that point, but the nightlife in the Mission was booming.  We waited for a noisy ten minutes or so while I struggled to download the app and call a car.  I’m not going to lie, I was pretty cranky at that point.  My friends kindly waited for me to make sure I got in the car.  They were all sharing an Uber back to the hotel, while I was heading way out back into the Outer Sunset.  Luckily my Uber drive was smooth and I got back without incident.  Even though it was pretty late and I was pretty tired I couldn’t settle down to sleep for a while.m. It was another late night and another enforced sleep-in this morning.  Currently I am sitting at Java Beach with my cappuccino plotting my day ahead.  I’ll let you know what happens!

My current perch at Java Beach Cafe

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