Last Day in SF

I’m on the plane home and there is lovely warm beam of sun shining in from the window next to me. We’re flying over mountains, but which ones I am not sure of. I’m fairly exhausted at this point, having gone to bed around 2 am and then woken up at 6. The combination of a late night and an open bar made it difficult to get out of bed today, especially so early, but I was quite determined to see the beautiful beach at dawn one last time. I had also heard about the *somewhat* secret trampoline my AirBnB host had installed at the top of one of the sand dunes. There’s nothing like jumping up and down on a trampoline at dawn on the beach, watching the Pacific tide creep away from shore.

Beach trampoline!
Ocean Beach: A Love Story

Yesterday began with another later morning, and coffee at Java Beach cafe. I toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo and even went as far as calling a shop I found (called Black + Blue, founded and run by lady tattoo artists) to see if they had time for a walk in. They didn’t call me back, so that was that, and truth be told, I’m not too heartbroken. I caught a bus and train into the Castro, a neighborhood I love wandering through. After see the movie ‘Milk’ when it came out a few years back I have been fascinated with the history of the neighborhood. I stopped for a cappuccino at a cafe called Spike’s. Their logo is an English bulldog, whom I presume to be Spike himself.

Leaving the Castro I headed over to Irving St for some thrifting at an upscale resale shop that looked interesting online. I was not disappointed. It was fabulous and surprisingly cheap! San Francisco really knows what it’s doing when it comes to the thrift shop scene. I ended up going home with a pair of grey suede ankle boots.
I headed back to the beach to get ready for my friend’s wedding, which was happening over in the Presidio that evening. I had my ducks in a row and everything was relaxing and going according to plan…until I took the wrong bus, and then, on the correct bus, was severely delayed in the Haight by all the crowds. I was running late and feeling fairly stressed. I did make it to the Presidio in the end, of course, and the wedding was adorable. The reception was fun + fancy + full of shenanigans. The Golden Gate Bridge was visible out the windows. The wine flowed freely. 

The view from the reception

A group of friends and I were wondering about heading out at the wedding wound down and I successfully convinced them to head to my AirBnB for some nighttime beach adventures. We split two Ubers and made our way back into the Outer Sunset. It was cooooold, but we had consumed just enough alcohol to not feel it as much as we should. Navigating sand dunes in the dark can be tricky, I’ll say that. I managed to snap a few photos, but my night-time camera game is weak. Gotta work on that for next time I guess.

Night time ocean

Back at the AirBnB we were all tired, so after a short round of cards (I only observed, being too tired to participate) we said out goodbyes. Collapsing onto my bed was bliss.
After my last early morning at Ocean Beach and some coffee it was time to go. I packed up and headed out. Two buses and a BART train later I was at my gate and who should I see but the majority of the Wisco guests from the wedding. My friend Casey and his girlfriend Joz were waiting sleepily at the gate and it was nice to see some friendly faces after the stress of getting to the airport and then getting through it to the gate.  
Each time I visit San Francisco I learn more about the City and each time I think, “This has been the best visit yet!” It just says keeps getting better and better. Every street is encrusted with interesting architecture, or graffiti, or cafes/shops. Each neighborhood has a wonderful and distinctive flavor-
You know what? I could go on for hours about how much I love San Francisco, blah blah blah, but maybe you should just go see it for yourself, you know? Get going!


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