Secret Travel

Secret travel. That’s what I’m doing. Almost no one knows that I am not lounging around at my parents’ house for some murky reason other than ‘family stuff’. I’m in the airspace flying over the middle of the country, bound for the foothills of the Rockies. I mean Denver, Colorado. I’m interviewing for jobs. I have three lined up, back to back, and I can’t wait for this to be over. This maybe the shortest non-regional trip I have taken. What was the phrase I just read about- ‘place-lagged’? The feeling of living your normal life in one location, spending a few hours sitting in a seat in a plane, and then suddenly finding yourself somewhere else. Your brain hasn’t quite caught up with where you are yet. It’s not that Colorado is all that foreign or exotic (I’ve been there on multiple occasions), it’s just that I wouldn’t normally expect to find myself several hundred miles West of home for 36 hours. Like I said before, this is secret travel, so when I get home I need to pretend as if I really was just at my parents’ house. No mountains, no airplanes, no interviews. This gamble I’m taking out here will be almost completely unknown and unspoken of unless it all turns out in my favor.
Secret travel means that I will not be posting this piece as it is happening. Or at all. Although I suppose if you are reading it I did post it after all. This sort of travel means no airport pictures, no “airplane window” scenery on my Facebook or Instagram. I didn’t write any travel prep blog posts like I normally do. I love writing those! They really help ramp up the enthusiasm (as if I needed any help with that).

Secret travel can yield secret results. On this particular trip I attended a whirlwind interviews over two days and came out with a job offer that I accepted. Guess I’m moving to Denver.


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