Creature Comforts When You are Far Away

In case this is the first or only post you read on this blog, I will let you know that less than one week ago I moved from Wisconsin to Colorado.  I am happy to have achieved my goal of moving out west, and everyone here has been quite welcoming and helpful, but still…Co is far from Wi.  Even when things are going well (and especially when they aren’t) you can feel the need for some creature comforts.  You know- a pizza, or whatever you comfort food is.  Comfy clothes that make you feel good.  Watching reruns of you favorite TV shows.  All of the above!  Yesterday was cold and stressful because I was trying to do all kinds of gross adult things like online training for my new job, figuring out absentee voting, etc.  Near the end of the day I wrapped myself in some comfy woolen things, put on my boots, and went exploring in the nearby park.  Just the warmth of my mittens (purchased at a flea market last fall) and the pleasure of wearing my literary scarf (a present from “St. Nick”) went a long way towards making me feel at home.  I bought a box of sharp cheddar mac n cheese from Target (a food I rarely eat) and thoroughly enjoyed the gooey cheese factor.  It doesn’t take much to wrap yourself in warmth and good cheer when you need it.   What are some of your creature comforts?


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