Estes Park and RMNP

Last weekend I finally got my chance to venture into the Rocky Mountains.  I live in the Mile High City, and it certainly is lovely to look around and see the foothills and (distantly) the mountains themselves, but nothing beats actually trekking up there.

We drove a couple of hours to get to Estes Park, which is a beautiful and very touristy area right around Rocky Mountain National Park.  We stopped for food and beer (Elktoberfest was happening), and then got waylaid at a salt water taffy shop. Needless to say, several bulging bags of the taffy were purchased.  RMNP itself is famous not only for the mountains, but also for all the elk that wander around.  It is a treat to see these large animals s up close and personal!  They have never had any reason to fear vehicles or humans since hunting is strictly verboten.  We got lucky and saw some on the outskirts of the park as we were driving up, and then again when they cross the road right in front of our vehicle!  We saw mule deer hanging out oh-so-casually alongside traffic too.  Then of course, there were the mountains.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Just picture rapidly dropping temps and winds strong enough to make me stumble backwards.


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