Louisville Adventure

No, not Loo-UH-vol, Lew-is-vill.  I found myself in small-town Colorado today, and it was just dripping with charm.  Louisville is near Boulder, so the backdrop is a fantastic mountain view.  The main road through town kicks off his the historical museum and segues into restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and boutiques.  I visited not one but two book shops within one block.  I had a cappuccino (my usual) and an egg bagel at a small cafe named Bittersweet.  BIttersweet it was not!  

After my refreshment (read: second breakfast) I hit the sidewalk in search of see what was to see.  Picture a quiet mountain town, sidewalks full of passerby, but very little actual noise.  There were few vehicles on the road also.  The streets off-shooting the main drag were mostly residential and full of cute houses.  It also happened to be Small Business Saturday, and since this area seemed to be 90% small businesses, there was quite a bit going on.  My treasures for the day included a small animality pig from a fair trade shop, and an intriguing mystery novel set in New Orleans from a used book shop.  And the coffee of course!

In high school I had a similar pig animalito that I carried in my coat pocket for years. It was finally stolen (on my birthday) my freshman year of college. This little guy reminded me of my stolen friend!

I had been feeling pretty down lately about working so much that I didn’t have time to have any new Colorado adventures.  What a delightful surprise to have a little adventure practically fall into my lap!


Life Is What You Make It

I’ve gotten my first cold in…what, years?  I’ve been pretty down since the election results (I’ll keep this as politics-free as possible, but that there is the truth of the matter), my diet has been off since I’ve been allowing myself all kinds of comfort foods, and yeah.  Today I had most of the day off so I decided to turn all that negativity around.  I donated extra memory foam pillows from my marketing job to a local shelter.  I planned out a week of vegan meals.  I bought a couple of Christmas decorations.  I found this shirt, and it sure does sum things up.

Golden Gate Canyon

While in between quitting one job and waiting for the next to start I had some time on my hands.  My housemates were out of town, so I was on my own.  I decided to check out a state park practically a stone’s throw from where I live.  It’s called Golden Gate Canyon and literally half of the driving time to get there is taken up by driving slowly along wending mountain roads.  It’s the battle of “check out that view!” Vs “Damn that turn was sharp!”  The park itself was very quiet on the weekday that I went there.  Almost too quiet.  Still, the sun was shining and a few birds were piping up.  I brought snacks and a water bottle, and dressed for light hiking.  I spent a few hours in quiet exploration.  Check out my photos from the day below.