Louisville Adventure

No, not Loo-UH-vol, Lew-is-vill.  I found myself in small-town Colorado today, and it was just dripping with charm.  Louisville is near Boulder, so the backdrop is a fantastic mountain view.  The main road through town kicks off his the historical museum and segues into restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and boutiques.  I visited not one but two book shops within one block.  I had a cappuccino (my usual) and an egg bagel at a small cafe named Bittersweet.  BIttersweet it was not!  

After my refreshment (read: second breakfast) I hit the sidewalk in search of see what was to see.  Picture a quiet mountain town, sidewalks full of passerby, but very little actual noise.  There were few vehicles on the road also.  The streets off-shooting the main drag were mostly residential and full of cute houses.  It also happened to be Small Business Saturday, and since this area seemed to be 90% small businesses, there was quite a bit going on.  My treasures for the day included a small animality pig from a fair trade shop, and an intriguing mystery novel set in New Orleans from a used book shop.  And the coffee of course!

In high school I had a similar pig animalito that I carried in my coat pocket for years. It was finally stolen (on my birthday) my freshman year of college. This little guy reminded me of my stolen friend!

I had been feeling pretty down lately about working so much that I didn’t have time to have any new Colorado adventures.  What a delightful surprise to have a little adventure practically fall into my lap!


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