Christmas Travel

…I’ve never really travelled at Christmas before.  I don’t count driving the 90 or so miles between Madison and Milwaukee that I did for a handful of years.  Here I am in the Las Vegas airport (see a post from earlier this year where I was hunkered down here too) waiting for my flight to Wisconsin.  I just barely made it into my flight from Denver, and I mean just barely.  It was only the second time I have had to run through an airport to my gate.  The first time was in Johannesburg, South Africa, but that’s a different story.

That’s the thing about Christmas travel: stakes are high and miscalculations could cost you your holiday.  I know the airport is busy this time of year, but I underestimated just how busy it would be at 4 am.  Just about everyone is travelling somewhere important, so no one is messing around.  Getting home for Christmas is serious business.

My friends supplied me with some free drink tickets, so here I sit, biding my time in the Las Vegas airport, waiting to get on the plane and get my mimosa.  Merry Christmas indeed.


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