What Is It About Seattle?

I’m heading to the Pacific Northwest next month; Seattle to be exact.  I’ve been there a few times before since I have family in Blaine and Puyallup, and each time I am in awe of the natural beauty that Washington has to offer.  My daytrip to Mt. Rainier with my uncle in the summer of 2014 was one of my favorite travel days of all time.  Who doesn’t love a state with a Pacific coastline, a beautiful mountain range, and a rainforests?  Well besides Meg Ryan’s character in Sleepless in Seattle who, upon hearing that it rains nine months out of the year there exclaimed, “I do not want to move to Seattle!’
There’s something about that city, though.  I was just a kid when Seattle was all the rage as the “cool” place in the 1990’s.  It still has that vibe, but maybe it’s a little more weathered.  Seattle feels at once refreshing  and yet comfortable- like your favorite shirt that somehow never disintegrates in the wash.  It feels exciting, like there are so many things happening at once, and yet relaxed.  There are about a million excellent coffee shops to take refuge from the rain in.  Pudget Sound lends it a port city atmosphere, even though it’s not even on the coastline.  You can start the day down at sea level and end the day on a mountain.  That’s something not every place can boast.

Most of what I have described of Seattle so far could be applied to multiple cities.  So there must be something else.  Perhaps the frequently overcast skies make one more introspective?  There are plenty of writers,musicians, and poets there.  And weed dealers, don’t forget about them.  People respond to cities in different ways, and the adage “to each their own” seems very applicable.  I just can’t put my finger on it, the dammit there’s something about Seattle!  Next month when I’m there I’ll have to do some soul searching tucked away in a cozy coffee shop, thinkin’ about the city.


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