Denver Pride Fest 2017 

So I am loving this city so much lately (if you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know that I just moved into a turn-of the-last-century apartment in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver) and this weekend Denver just knocked it out of the park.  Work was tedious and stressful yesterday, but my wonderful friends drove all the way from Boulder to come and see my new place.  We drank wine, played board games, admired the cats, and then headed out to enjoy some nightlife.  Drinks and pizza at City O’ City (my new favorite place), and then some fried confection at Voodoo Doughnuts.  Needless to say, I slept in this morning.  It was the first time in a looooong time that I had no obligations to get up for, and the temperature was cool enough that sleeping was comfortable.  When I did finally get up I heard crowds.  Cheering.  And honking.  And more cheering.

Denver Pride Fest 2017 was happening right in Cap Hill and my apartment was at the epicenter.  I had seen plenty of flags and colorfully dressed people the night before but figured most of the festivities must have happened Saturday while I was at work in Louisville.  I was wrong!  I threw on my lemon tree dress- a colorful summer print seemed very appropriate for the occasion- grabbed my Nikon, and headed out into the festivities.  I happened to catch most of the pride parade as it passed by on Colfax Ave.  The cheering, the glee, the colors, the emotions were all running high today.  Here are some of my favorite photos.


Estes Park and RMNP

Last weekend I finally got my chance to venture into the Rocky Mountains.  I live in the Mile High City, and it certainly is lovely to look around and see the foothills and (distantly) the mountains themselves, but nothing beats actually trekking up there.

We drove a couple of hours to get to Estes Park, which is a beautiful and very touristy area right around Rocky Mountain National Park.  We stopped for food and beer (Elktoberfest was happening), and then got waylaid at a salt water taffy shop. Needless to say, several bulging bags of the taffy were purchased.  RMNP itself is famous not only for the mountains, but also for all the elk that wander around.  It is a treat to see these large animals s up close and personal!  They have never had any reason to fear vehicles or humans since hunting is strictly verboten.  We got lucky and saw some on the outskirts of the park as we were driving up, and then again when they cross the road right in front of our vehicle!  We saw mule deer hanging out oh-so-casually alongside traffic too.  Then of course, there were the mountains.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Just picture rapidly dropping temps and winds strong enough to make me stumble backwards.

Relocation Part 2: In With the New, Out With the Old

My new clothes needed for my new job are starting to arrive in the mail!  I did have to fight with USPS over one item (seriously, if all their employees are that surly and irritated it must be a terrible place to work), but last night was a bonanza of opening packages on par with Christmas. 

Less fun was all the packing.  The stuff that my parents are graciously storing for me at their house is all being moved on Saturday, so I need to make sure it is ready to go.  This means boxes, boxes, furniture, oh and more boxes.  Rigamarole decided that he would make a cozy home in one such cardboard castle.  Historically, boxes and paper bags have been his strong suit, so I’m surprised it took him this long to crawl into one.  *Side note: Even Riggy got new swag.  I bought him a new collar and shiny ID tag at the shelter that I work at*

I have bags and piles of stuff to donate heaped around the apartment.  The idea of loading it into my tiny Yaris is daunting. Luckily my friend Emily came over- to talk about life, naturally- and ended up combing through the piles and filling a bag with stuff.  I’m a pack rat by nature, so letting go of stuff is hard.  What a relief it is that these sweaters/shoes/etc are going to a friend!

Today I work my last shift that the vet clinic and it’s a short one, meaning I have all afternoon and evening to keep packing.  Cheers, and here’s to moving on.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation Part 1: Packing

It’s been about a week since I made the decision to move across the country to Colorado.  I notified both jobs, my landlady, and the people in my life.  Now it’s all about packing and winnowing down my possessions.  *Side note: Wes Anderson movies make a great background for this sort of thing*. Thankfully my parents are willing to store my furniture and a large portion of my belongings that aren’t comin with me.  I sold off a tidy number of my books today and I have two large garbage bags full of clothes to donate.  The apartment is mess right now, all half full boxes and clothes scattered around.  The bunnies are running rampant in the maze right now and the cats look disturbed.  That’s all for now, will update more later.